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Chau Chile, Chau Mexico

On Sunday I went to an overcrowded bar to watch the Mex. v Argentina game. I mean I can see the attraction of seeing such a big game with such a big crowd pero it was too fucking hot and I was stressing over poroto getting dehydrated (she was a champ though). Also all the homophobic trash talk and three physical fights that broke out did not make me feel good. Seeing el Chileno engage in trash talk, non-homophobic but still looking for a fight when we have our three year old there really bothered me too., I should have stuck to my original plan and watched the game closer to home or at home.

the good thing about the day was that I visited the goodwill store and salvation army store and found a really cool cowboy hat, a wonderwoman cape and some books for free because they had been left outside the Salvation army store when it was closed. Felt like a big score to me :)

I'm worried that I might be coming down with something because I have been soooo tired ever since coming home from Detroit and that was a whole week ago. The fatigue makes it hard to move, think. I'm not too depressed or anything so no se. It's not like I have insurance to go to a doctor anyway.

My tutoring schedule for the summer seems ok and like I may be able to survive on it. We shall see. I still haven't made rent for last month, electricity and cable are over due and phone minutes running low and half the time my little prepaid phone doesn't even work. :(.

It will be alright though. Public pools open today and I'll probably go with the xicas on Friday when I have no tutoring.



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Jul. 5th, 2010 12:01 am (UTC)
*three* fistfights broke out *watching* the game?
Jul. 5th, 2010 11:36 am (UTC)
Tis true. Peeps take their futbol seriously.
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