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Chil day. MOMA with la Mapu and with some snotty ass parents who looked the other parents up and down

berry pie with whipped cream

and starting to pack for Detroit....
Nothing to see here, really. Just working, working and more working. Some of it I'm getting paid for, most of it I'm not, pero whatever


Any sitter recs in the DC area

So the org sponsoring me to go to an immigration conference in DC this week is being wonderful when it comes to understanding my finances and is buying me the amtrak ticket instead of me having to buy it and them reimburse me. So I am feeling calmer about that. Plus they are putting me in a hotel for two nights so really I can't complain. Pero I still could use a sitter to get me through a few hours without the toddler that will have to come along. Let me know if peeps know of any sitters...let a mami know.
From VL

Seems live every org and their mother want to take the recent injustice in the Luis Ramirez murder case and use it for toned down cries for justice separated from the multiple places that breed the kind of hate and disrespect that led to the crossroads we as a community find ourselves at now. This is why The Sanctuary (of which I am a proud member) hoy draws a line in the sand. 

The process of defining a subhuman class and institutionalizing discrimination and violence against that group is not new. How quickly and conveniently some of us allow our collective memory to cover its own tracks. Parasite, diseased, leeching, dangerous, over-breeding, vermin. These terms and this imagery have been deployed for ages, on various groups of people, on various pieces of land, in the service of various endeavors; and always to bring about the same ends. To demonize and dehumanize a group of people so that other people come to understand that the social compact with the demonized group is broken; that discrimination and violence against the dehumanized class now carries no moral consequence. That is the meaning of this latest ruling by an all-white jury in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. Racial murder of a Mexican carries the same consequence as walking up to a white person and punching them in the belly: simple assault.

Are you down to make the commitment to radical cambio for our lives? Then read the entire post here.

Feliz Dia Mamitas

Especially to all the bad mamis.


Really God, Really?

Ay so another one of my titis, my mom's sister was diagnosed with cancer.

Claro the family is in hysterics. No details yet.


Crazy Jueves

I was up till past midnite last nite writing posts for VivirLatino cuz today is gonna be a crazy day. It's a half day thanks to parent teacher conferences and I have an 11 am conference call about the racist killiing of the Ecuadorian man in long island. Parent teacher confereces. I have to call medicaid about getting my aunts benefits extended and find out of they will cover transport to and from rehab (they should no?). At some point my tia will be coming home today so I have to check in on her and make sure she eats and install some bath rails in her tub. G forgot that tonite was the twilight movie so he made plans to work a second shift (he always forgets my things). So then I have to wait for him. Oh and I have to find a dress for my cousins wedding next week. Is that all?????


PS> I know I've been a crappy lj amiga pero I'm gonna try harder now that I am not hiding so much


Feliz Dia saskaia!!!!

Feliz cumpleaños saskaia . Have a smurfy day mujer!!!

Y en la luz de la mañana.....

....todo esta bien. Sorry for my freakout yesterday morning. I hadn't slept at all and wracked with guilt for not feeling guilty, if that makes any sense.

All is as well as well can be . I work, I write I take care of my kids and my family. 

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